Things to Know

The Rules and Regulation of Eleanor Oaks RV Park (Campground) have been developed to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable experience and to help ensure compliance with Florida State Statue 513.  Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8AM.  The posted speed limit throughout the Park is 5 MPH.


Registration: All Campers are required to register at the main office upon arrival. We do require that all Campers complete a registration form and provide a photo ID upon check in.

Checking in/Out:  Check-in is at 1 PM and check-out is at 11 AM.  If you need to extend your stay, please notify the Campground Management at least 24 hours in advance.

RV’s & Vehicles: Eleanor Oaks requires that all RV’s, whether motor home, travel trailer, fifth wheel, truck camper or pop up, have an affixed RIVA Seal; current registration information; a proper license plate; and current insurance.  Any towed/towable vehicles or other vehicles must also have current registration, a proper license plate and current insurance.  RV’s and vehicles entering the Campground must be in good physical and mechanical condition. We do not have an age limitation on RV’s, but they must be in good running order; for example, no tarps, excessive rust, peeled paint or wrecked RV’s will be permitted.  We recommend checking with Management prior to beginning any repairs.

Payments: Full Payment is due upon check-in for all sites.  All rates are based on 2 people per site.  Additional Adults are $5.00 (+ tax) per person with a maximum 5-night stay unless otherwise approved by management. Outside Pets are an additional $5.00 per pet. (Please see the Pet policy for additional details.)  A Deposit, if required when pre-booking, will be applied to your charges upon check in. Monthly sites will require a $100 Electric Deposit.

 Refunds:  No Refunds will be given for early departure.  Cancellation of a stay must be made at least 30 days in advance of the date of stay to receive any refund.  Additional refunds are at the sole discretion of the Owner/Campground Management Team.  Management reserves the right to deduct any processing fees, such as credit card fees, from refunded amount.

Guests:  All guests must check in at main office.  You, the Camper, are responsible for the conduct  of your guests.  Please ensure that they follow these rules and regulations. If Guest has a pet, vaccination paperwork must be provided at check in as well as a $5 pet fee and all the same pet rules apply.

Pets: Owners must have current rabies vaccination paperwork available at check in.  All dogs must be walked on a leash no longer than 6 feet and must always be under owners’ control. Any dog that is tied outside must always be under the Owners supervision.  Tie out should not extend beyond the front of your RV or beyond the width of your site.  Owners must dispose of pet waste in the proper containers or dumpster immediately. We do have ‘Scoop Your Poop’ stations located in the Campground for your convenience.  Please see full rules and regulations for additional details.

Use: Eleanor Oaks desires to provide Campers with an enjoyable camping experience; however, camping takes place in an outdoor recreational setting. There are aspects of any recreational experience that cannot entirely be controlled or made free of risk. Eleanor Oaks is not liable for weather conditions, natural events, damages caused by wrongful conduct or carelessness of others or other injuries or accidents caused by partaking in a recreational activity. Camper acknowledges that by participating in recreational activities, the Camper accepts the risks which are inherent in the recreational activity. Eleanor Oaks RV Park implores of Campers to take precautions for their own safety while engaged in recreational activities


Please review a full list of the rules and guidelines in the downloadable pdf below.